Why Mind & Heart

All of our Primary 6 students have achieved either an A or A* in English at the PSLE.

Mastering the English Language is no easy feat! The balancing act between academic progression and effective learning requires the right knowledge, posture and skills. Get to know how we have positively impacted hundreds of students and if we are the right fit for your child.

Key Benefits

  • ✓ Purpose-built curriculum to accelerate mastery of English
    Our curriculum is strategically designed to help your child approach every component in steady progression. Your child’s level of understanding can be carefully assessed to reach even greater heights.
  • ✓ Communication and Life Skills for the Real World
    Every lesson covers compelling real-life topics including the World’s Biggest Slipper, the Autobiography of Charles Dickens and the Titanic! For active learning, our lessons often involve interactive activities and hands-on tasks, such as Show-And-Tell Presentations and Role-playing.
  • ✓ Exam Readiness through our proven methodology
    A text-heavy Comprehension passage or a complex Composition question can be made easy with a step-by-step system. It is all in what we identify and how we analyse both the content and style of the question!

Mind & Heart produces students with a superb command of English and who are thoughtful, creative and dynamic as well.


Our curriculum covers all aspects of language learning and prepares students for the rigours of the MOE examination system.

Headstart Language Programme

(Pre-Primary 1)

The Headstart Programme begins every October and takes our young learners through till the end of November, familiarising them with the expectations of primary school life and building their confidence in more advanced language tasks.

English Programmes

(Primary 1 to Primary 6)

Our curriculum covers all aspects of language learning and prepares students for the rigours of the MOE examination. With an emphasis on current affairs, general knowledge building as well as developing a social conscience, our curriculum aims to teach students key language skills while developing the unique person of each student.

Language Arts Headstart Programme

This four-week workshop, held every November, will focus on giving students a light-hearted peek into one of the new subjects that they will encounter in secondary school and a tantalising preview of the delights of the English Language. This course is an excellent step-up for students who are looking at an IP or IB programme where they will take Language Arts, as well as those who will take English Language and Literature as separate subjects.

English and Literature

(O-Levels, International Baccalaureate, Integrated Programme)

Mind & Heart also boasts a specialised English and Literature Programme which seeks to bridge the gap for students taking English, Literature or Language Arts. This programme covers both English and Literature to cater to students in the IP and IB Programmes. The literary techniques and analytical skills they discover in our sessions will equip students to be able to tackle the nuances of these subjects.

Reading Programme

Our Reading Programme encourages students to read critically, form opinions and even recommend books to their peers. A Reading Challenge is extended to every student to read across genres and to read voraciously. With the end goal of having every student appreciate reading, we are passionate about our library and are careful about selecting quality books.

General Paper

( A Levels )

We prepare students for the rigours of the General Paper through a focus on essay writing and critical analysis skills needed for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. An emphasis on current affairs and general knowledge is reflected in every session, even as students work to grasp the finer aspects of academic discussions and analytical writing.

The Mind & Heart Experience

Our Huddles

Classes are limited to a cosy class of eight, which enables our inquirers to bring out the best in one another through Positive Peer Elevation.


Mutual peer validation allows for a shared learning experience in an encouraging and affirmative environment.

Personalised Attention

A small teacher-student ratio allows the teacher to cater to the unique strengths and weaknesses of each student.

Our Library

Mind & Heart’s in-house library is filled with literary adventures for everyone. We have something for inquirers of all ages and interests.


Drawing on their collective interest in creative global education, our consultants expound a dynamic and communicative passion for languages. Their years of experience as teachers and curriculum developers allow for an all-rounded perspective of empowering education in the classroom. Our consultants believe that true education goes beyond grades to impact character. Their combined love for engaging young minds and encountering literature is infused into how they steer their young charges towards dynamic success.

Ms Charmaine

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English, NTU
  • Master of Arts in Early Years Education, University College London
  • Creative Writer and Wordsmith

Ms Catherine

  • Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers
  • Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology / Counselling
  • Programme Coordinator, MOE

Ms Adeline

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English, NUS (highest distinction)
  • Special focus on Secondary School and JC Literature
  • Creative writer and global issues enthusiast

Ms Chin

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, NUS
  • Communications Writer, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
  • Wordsmith and Curriculum Developer

What parents say

We were finding it a challenge to find a school where my daughter could learn freely and achieve her personal best. Thankfully, we found Mind & Heart! The teachers are encouraging and really go the extra mile for her. She’s now a confident and enthusiastic young lady who gives her best shot in everything.

Mrs Gracie Wee

National Junior College

Unlike other tuition classes, Mind & Heart truly makes a difference in my children’s learning journey. My boys are now worldly, enthusiastic individuals with a passion for knowledge. The curriculum is a true representation of the word ‘enrichment’.

Mrs Chloe Lim

Saint Joseph’s Institution Junior

My girls’ teachers are very enthusiastic! They show a personal interest in my daughters’ holistic development – well beyond just teaching the language. I appreciate the hassle-free communications with the school as my queries are always answered promptly and they are very accommodating with requests such as schedule changes and curriculum queries.

Mrs April Ng

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

The lessons at Mind & Heart are incredibly engaging and cover a broad range of exciting topics which my son thoroughly enjoys. This is great in helping him mature into a well-read and intelligent conversationalist.

Mrs Joyce Tan

Anglo Chinese School Junior

My son thoroughly enjoys his tutorial lessons at Mind & Heart. He had been struggling in school, but after only one term, his grades went up by 25%. No other teacher has made him love learning the way he does now. Thanks for securing him such a fantastic grade for the PSLE!

Mrs Stephanie Lee

Anglo Chinese School Junior

My grandniece has opened up during the tutorial lessons as her teacher is very approachable, the class headcount is comfortable and the environment is conducive. This helps her to become more confident in learning and interacting with her peers!

Madam TS Goh

Nanyang Primary School

What kids say




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